Bormedicals is committed to be a platform to grow together with young medical companies
International Vaccine & Biotech 4.0 Forum (IVB4.0) is a merger of China International Vaccine Innovation Summit (HVIS) and China International Biopharma 4.0 Summit (CIBP4.0). Among the...
In just two years, IHMD Forum has become the fastest growing brand conference in the medical device industry in China. IHMD Forum has gained many praises from the market and accumulated a good reputation for its professional...
Bormedicals's online platform is composed of two major parts: online videos and community, our online videos are based on the video number of Xiaobo and online lecture series, which...
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Bormedicals has two public numbers: "Borscon Medical News" and "Borscon Instruments". We publish selected information of biomedical industry and medical device industry...
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We are a group of passionate and idealistic conference and exhibition people, and our main goal is to spread the influence of brand conferences to become the top 1 in vertical industry and gradually cover the whole industry conferences by 2025. We are committed to promote the development of the medical industry in the 21st century and help startups grow. To be a solid partner to grow together with Chinese medical industry startups!
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