Bormedicals is committed to be a platform to grow together with young medical companies
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We are a group of passionate and idealistic conference and exhibition people, We are committed to promote the development of the medical industry in the 21st century and help startups grow. To be a solid partner to grow together with Chinese medical industry startups!
Bormedicals knows that a long-term industry information service provider must grow together with the industry. While large enterprises lead the industry standard and direction, it is often the start-ups that can change and disrupt the industry. China's medical industry as a whole is still very young, and Bormedicals is committed to be a platform to grow together with young medical enterprises.
Bormedicals is a team focusing on the medical industry under Shanghai Borscon Business Consulting Co. With the mission to contribute its value to the global medical and health industry, Bormedicals helps support medical and health startups, links global medical and health elites, eliminates the cost of information interchange, provides an online and offline integration platform, and builds a large biomedical ecology in the era of great health.
Grow with startups in the medical industry
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Address: Room 1502-1504, Block F, Everbright Convention Center, No.86 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
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