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International Vaccine & Biotech 4.0 Forum (IVB4.0) is a merger of China International Vaccine Innovation Summit (HVIS) and China International Biopharma 4.0 Summit (CIBP4.0). Among them, HVIS has already become the largest and most influential vaccine industry segmentation summit in China after only two sessions, and CIBP4.0 has gained an excellent user reputation at the third CIBP4.0 Summit in 2021 after three years of cultivation. IVB4.0 aims to link global elites through forums and online platforms, eliminate the cost of information exchange, help support biopharmaceutical startups and promote the development of the industry. At present, Bormedicals Biopharma Summit Series has accumulated 5000+ professional customers to attend offline. IVB4.0 2023 will have about 100 speakers and judges, 150+ exhibitors at the Vaccine & Biotech Show, and 5,000+ target attendees. Our goal is to make IVB4.0 the most influential pharmaceutical industry summit in China.
Address: Room 1502-1504, Block F, Everbright Convention Center, No.86 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
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