Bormedicals is committed to be a platform to grow together with young medical companies
Best Start-UP Awards (BSA) is a competition for startups in the healthcare industry, launched by Bormedicals in 2021 and open to the whole country. Based on Bormedicals's years of accumulation in the biopharmaceutical industry, BSA will bring together the most authoritative experts, medical business dark horses, industry leaders and senior media. BSA will track and analyze a large number of startup cases in the medical industry and focus on scientific definition of business models, teams, technology trends and investment potential in the medical field, establish a framework evaluation system for medical startups, and comprehensively evaluate the innovation ability, business models, teams, technology capabilities and development prospects of Chinese medical companies. BSA aims to promote the transformation of Chinese healthcare companies' business innovation and scientific research results, and to provide high reference value investment guidelines for domestic and foreign investors.
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